Ribbon, Twine or Thread?

Hello there, fellow stampers! It’s Samantha here, sharing another super fun, colorful and comparative blog post! 🙂 Today I thought it would be fun to compare a few different different ways to add ‘fibers’ to your cards!

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Ok – full disclosure here: I say fibers, because today I’m showing the different looks, textures and vibes of cards depending on the use of ribbon, twine or thread (like from a sewing machine!).

All of my cards were made with the amazingly cute and adorable Yummy Love stamp set!! One of my favorite of the ‘sweet’ sets!!



What is your favorite way to add texture onto a card? I used to be alllll about ribbon!! I had a TON of ribbon!! ha ha! But a while ago, i noticed I stopped using ribbon as much (so I purged!). Do you use ribbon regularly on your card? I would LOVE to check out the ways you use ribbon – maybe reignite my ribbon mojo!! ha ha!

So – here is my first card – made with the soft, satin-y, elegant (??) style of white ribbon! ha!

I water colored the base of the card and then added a vellum banner over top – the ribbon holds it into place! 🙂

let's stick together card - ls, watermark

Pretty, right?

So, with a similar card – check out the completely different feel of the card – with twine!

totes adorabs card - ls

So fun!!! I made the card the same way (i.e. watercolor and vellum banner), but tied it on with twine! I think this is so cool!!! And gives a less ‘girly’ feel to the card! Dare I say, it is almost masculine? lol! Almost, anyway! 🙂

The third card I made features stitched lines – the vellum was sewn on my card!  Come on over to my blog to see the third card in all it’s glory!! ha!

I think the stitched lines add a little bit modern feel – especially in this case since it’s just  staight line!

photo (2)

So what do you think? What’s your favorite of the three choices above? I love the twine look! 🙂

Did you know that the Sweet Stamp Shop is on Pinterst? Oh yeah – check them out here!! They have tons of inspiration and boards dedicated to showing all of the ‘sweet’ you can handle! I LOVE it!

Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Love the different looks! Awesome cards!

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