Mission: Organize Sequins!

Hey Peps!

Nicole, Ms. Sweet, here – and I’ve been on an early Spring Cleaning/Organizing kick lately.

You know what I’ve learned after all these years of crafting and all these years of collecting? If it’s not out and easy to get at – I don’t use it. Heck even if it’s out and easy to get at I sometimes STILL don’t use it. Let’s face it, sometimes we buy with the best of intentions (guilty!) but, sometimes – years later it’s still sitting in the box we bought it in – or worse (guilty again) it’s still in the shopping bag you bought it in. YIKES.

So, what to do? Here’s the deal – I’m going to organize my stuff as best as I can so that way everything is easy to get at and easy to use. THEN, if it’s easy to get at and easy to use and I still don’t use it – I’m de-stashing!

Wanna come along with me? It all started a couple weeks ago with my 6×6 paper… (see below)… the stack on the left is my de-stashing and donating pile (feels so good!)


Look how pretty and ready for ‘new stuff’ it is…


I also de-stashed my ‘scraps’ organization – AND my alpha stickers… it was quite liberating to finally admit I probably wasn’t going to use those alpha stickers (that have lost their ‘stick’) from 2000.

IMG_3924 IMG_3923

But enough about that – I’ll have to come back with another blog post and talk more about my destashing – but, you came here to hear about my cool sequins organization!

So, I visited my friend – Theresa (thescrapbookingqueen) and her shop… and I came home with these babies..


Theresa has an online shop on Facebook – search for her shop by typing in ‘The Royal Castle Shoppe’ – ask to join the group and BAM, you’re into some major crafty awesomeness – at awesome prices and just a lovely owner.

ANYWAY… so, in typical Nicole form – I needed these to be organized by color and out of these containers they came in. (I recognized I probably wouldn’t use them if I left them in)

I’m a HUGE fan of using bead organization in my office. You know the containers people buy to organize their beads? — You can find them down the bead isle and often times their on sale for 40% off or more (thanks Michaels!) … I’ve noticed, they tend to be the cheapest way to organize small products. Is there small product organization down the scrapbooking isle, yeppers… but, you’ll pay for it!

Check out how I used bead organizers for my glitter and embossing powder…


Anyway, let’s get back to the topic at hand – SEQUINS!

sequins 1

So, I found this on the bead organization isle and it seemed perfect because each little container sealed off each compartment. AND, it was $7.99 – 40% off – and another 25% off that… so I took that organizer home for less than $4.

I got all my sequins ready and dove right in…

sequins 2

Next is just deciding how you want to sort…. because I had WAY more sequins colors then spots in my organizer, I decided to put some of the ‘like’ sequins together. So, I bundled 3 or 4 purples together – etc. I don’t mind searching through a couple different sequins to get what I want.

I noticed (for those of you purchasing the sequins from Theresa) if you cut the top off the sequins package in pieces – it was MUCH easier to get out the sequins that you want. (see above pic)

sequins 3

Now you get to sit back and enjoy that newly organized sequins – and maybe even make a card or a layout or something?!

I recently made a card with sequins – and our new Sparkle and Shine stamp set


Sequins really is the best accessory for fabulous – dontcha think?

Wouldn’t this stamp set go perfectly with your sequins addiction?


Do you love organizing as much as me? Or, do you kinda dread it? What’s your favorite way to organize small products that you get? Tell us what you think! We love to hear from our sweet friends!!

Is there something specific that you’d like to see how Ms. Sweet organized it?

Let us know!

Also, if you love pinterest as much as I do – take a moment and follow our boards. We’re going to add a new ‘organizing’ board just for these sorts of posts!

Sweet Stamp Shop Pinterest

Last but not least, wanna know the winner of our Pretty Pink Posh give-a-way?


Thanks to punch tab and their awesome random selection – the winner is entry #168 – Meredith Jones! Congrats Meredith! Email us at info@sweetstampshop.com and let us know where we can ship off your prize to!

Hope everyone is having a fab week – it’s hump day!

Happy Stamping – Organizing – and De-Stashing!


6 Responses to Mission: Organize Sequins!

  1. Ruthie Lopez says:

    Yes, you are right! I have been shopping for my hobby since 3 years ago and definitely I need to organize my stuff, because like you said if you don’t see it you don’t use it or you can’t find it, and this happens to me lately 🙁
    Love those sequins I have some from many years ago when I was into felt crafting but I have to find them lol. Love your card!!

  2. Sweet organization…sooo pretty!
    ..your card? gold, gold, gold…who doesn’t love gold?!
    Congrats to Meredith!

  3. sherryeckblad says:

    My friend Amy sent me over to check out your organizing and I must say, I totally agree if it isn’t out I don’t use it. Heck at my age I am lucky if I remember I own it.

  4. annettewitherspoon says:

    Love it! I recently picked up some small round containers at the Target One Spot knowing that I would find a good use for them. Bingo! Sequin storage. Thanks for the great ideas!!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Waar heb je die orginizers voor je glitters gehaald?

  6. Jennifer says:

    I’m sorry, my browser translate you’re website.. Where do you buy the organizers for you’re glitters?

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