February Release

First I have to put in this little disclaimer. Yesterday, we released the stamps early to our event page group on Facebook (we usually do that – so make sure to sign up for that event page!) — and you won’t believe it, but – they’ve nearly gobbled up the whole new release. So, we’re most likely going to be sold out – if we’re not already. BUT, just so you know, when we re-stock we’re going to honor the new release code.

We did dig through our closet and re-count everything – so there is a couple of each stamp set. So, if you’re reading this in the morning and you want to grab one of the new sets – head on over!

So, we’re releasing 4 new stamp sets today – we’ve got a great give-a-way featuring Pretty Pink Posh (and their awesome sequins) – and we’ve got a coupon code for the new release!

So, first – coupon code! Use NRF20 for 20% off your new release order – good from now, until we sell out or until tomorrow at midnight. On new release stamps ONLY and while supplies are in stock.

Wanna see the new sets and rush over to grab yours?

We’re excited to introduce… (click on the photo to go to the shop)

announcing sparkleandshine stuckonyouweb toohipweb

Announcing – and Sparkle & Shine are co-illustrated by our friends (and sweet intern) Emily Branch. You’ll get to see some of the cards that she’s made below! Make sure to check out her blog!

I’ve got a little youtube video for you – just showing off the new stamps and the cards that I’ve made…

You can see all of our videos (including this one) on our youtube channel HERE

Ready to see what our sweet design team has come up with these awesome stamp sets?

Nicole Gavaldon

1017413_726441270701613_1859894943_n 1688307_725955254083548_1428099978_n 1597908_735776593101414_1033030056_o

Charlene Bopp

1621854_670999576284960_1237237768_n 1555420_670997762951808_917686866_n

Samantha Mann

1780747_10152182465434158_21069577_n 1900075_10152180796739158_443192758_n

Tyra Babington

1656181_10152257608829884_972894445_n 1654216_10152257628114884_851501836_n 1798549_10152257606364884_1572859591_n

Lindsay Amrhein

1604430_10203170965659993_2078771368_n 484859_10203170952779671_2134998739_n

Melissa Chipperfeildย 

1505513_10203105259862762_1860146581_n 1005769_10203105254942639_75704671_n 1507595_10203127604981376_1502564415_n

Chrissy Larson

1620799_10152966940451686_1294760467_n 1622706_10152965274291686_868171945_n 1545814_10152965274106686_309407508_n

Annette Witherspoonย 

1654446_10202444431448599_1592736320_n 1622242_10202444511770607_1606040028_n

Dannielle Robeson

1549402_10201438921596546_262014614_n 1795473_10201475669515221_339827807_n 1798867_10201438908676223_120256184_n

Special Guests!

Laura Williams

1656013_10152348118608455_316944733_n 1800411_10152349744608455_346944711_n

Amy Tsuruta


Latisha Yoastย 


JJ Bolton

1620650_10202769512831144_175627005_n 1689337_10202769514631189_2108466395_n 1920231_10202769516871245_2030755244_n

Misty Buck

1602014_10203392724241134_1441436542_o 1836783_10203372395652932_610220203_o

So now onto our give-a-way ….

You wanna win this, dontcha?


We’ve got lots of sequins featuring Pretty Pink Posh – and of course a really sweet NEW stamp set – Sparkle & Shine!

Ok – here’s how to enter…

99 Responses to February Release

  1. Congrats on such a popular release! LOVE the little images of the sequins in this set! Thanks Paulina for donating pretty goodies for this giveaway too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. serious amounts of inspiration! So thrilled to be part of the February release!

  3. I really loved Laura’s designs they were clean and adorable!

  4. Adorable new stamp sets and LOVE the sequins from Pretty Pink Posh!!!

  5. Linda R says:

    Hi! Chrissy Larsen’s cards are my favorites. Great work!

  6. Love the Emily Branch images!!!!

  7. Becky says:

    This new release is adorable! I love so many of the projects. Misty Buck caught my eye with her techniques (“dot” technique on cactus card) and her reverse stamp copy (I need to learn more). I am in love with the water color/acetate card with the gem set by Nicole. I also need to find out what ink Amy T. used to stamp on felt (genius!). I also really like Lindsey A’s “It’s Hip to be square” star card. I can’t wait to get my stamps in the mail ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for all the inspiration ladies!

  8. Charlene and Misty Buck projects caught my eyes!

  9. Oh my goodness… All of these cards are so stinkin’ cute!!!

  10. Miriam Prantner says:

    Great release! I especially love JJ’s cards. And somehow I can’t watch the video….

  11. Jingle says:

    Annette Witherspoon’s bowl of sequins caught my eye immediately! I absolutely LOVE it! Such a great design idea! I really love the cards everyone has created!

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  13. They are all very good but if I have to pick one I think I would have to pick JJ Bolton.

  14. Katie Brooks says:

    FAbulous, fabulous, fabulous!

  15. Sharon Gullikson says:

    Charlene’s might be my favorite. But Chrissy Buck’s hat is really cute, too. Too many cute ones to mention…

  16. Katie Brooks says:

    PS- all the designers caught my eye! Seriously…ALL OF THEM!

  17. Emily H says:

    Misty Buck. I love that blue hippo! All these projects are incredible though!!

  18. Laura Davis says:

    Oh my they are all fabulous, but I LOVE Latisha’s baby girl card! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Danielle Higginbottom-Brown says:

    Love JJ Boltons Cards!!!!

  20. Jessica Vold says:

    They are all awesome but just because she didn’t make a card Misty Buck really stood out to me!

  21. Denise Bryant says:

    Great samples! Latisha’s is my favorite!

  22. Nicole Gavaldon’s sparkle card is AMAZING!

  23. Iva says:

    OMG! I loved everyones projects they are all AMAZING!

  24. Love all the cards!!!! Hard to choose only one. Love Dannielle Robeson, Annette Witherspoon and Chrissy Larson caught my eye!

  25. Nicole Laha says:

    JJ Bolton’s card with the vellum caught my eye! Gorgeous!

  26. bearsmother says:

    Nicole’s cards caught my eye. Love the “butt look big” card.

  27. Tyra’s cactus card really caught my eye – I love the ombre effect of the sand layers!

  28. Yay! Have to say Chrissy Larson caught my eye but everyone did amazing!

    • chrissylarson says:

      Thanks so much, Lisa! I’m so glad you visited the blog and liked out creations. Thanks again for the kudos. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Lots of fun ideas
    here. I really like
    the cute hat done
    by Misty Buck.
    Carla from Utah

  30. Misty B. says:

    To be honest, it’s so hard to pick a fave. There is so much talent here! WTG girls.

  31. Kristen Foreman says:

    Misty’s party hat is adorable!!

  32. Nicole Gavaldon and Samantha Mann’s creations are amazing!! Some REAL Inspiration there! Everyones cards are amazing though!

  33. Rose Powell says:

    So many great inspirations here, Annette, Lindsay, Nichole and JJ! Love them!

  34. Aida says:

    Nicole Picadura, caught my eye with her videos. But I must say Ive always been a big fan of Nicole Gavaldon. She is the reason why I turned my interest to your cute shop!

  35. Aida says:

    Something is wrong with the video entry, I cant view it.

  36. Mirella says:

    Wow, so much inspiration, and a cool giveaway! My favourite creations were the ones by Annette Witherspoon

  37. Mirella says:

    Btw, I cannot get past the tweet entry, even though I tweeted ๐Ÿ™

  38. Brit K. says:

    Everyone did amazing but I really love the panda & gem card from Chrissy Larson & I love both of MIsty Buck’s projects too. Way too hard to pick just one. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • chrissylarson says:

      We are so happy you liked our inspiration. It’s not too tough with such awesome stamps to work with. Thanks for the shout out, Brit!

  39. Chunyuan says:

    awesome awesome stamp release.

  40. Dana W says:

    Its very hard to say but i really liked Nicole G. cards!!!

  41. Lisa Lara says:

    What fun stamps. Glad I grabbed mine already. I love that bling card by Nicole G, Charlene’s Hip Hop Card, Samantha’s berries featuring sentiments from Hip Hop, Tyra’s can’t touch this, Lindsay’s star Hip Hop, Melissa’s CAS bling, Chrissy’s husband and wife, Annette’s too much, Dannielle’s Happy Valentines, Laura;s Hip Hop, J.J.’s sparkle and shine, Misty’s frame and both cards by Amy and Latisha. Here’s to one lucky winner!

  42. Teresa Godines #6857 says:

    Oh man…. they are all so good. But Misty’s projects are so sweet.

  43. Debbie V says:

    Love love love all these cards with the new release stamps and the oh so pretty sequins

  44. Judy1223 says:

    Oh, MY! All the cards are awesome, but Melissa’s “bling” card had my jaw on the table! CAS perfection!

  45. Jenn says:

    I liked Nicole Gavaldon, Charlene Bopp, Samantha Mann, Chrissy Larson works, though the rest were also very nice too. Those are the one that stood out to me. But great work !!

  46. TracyM #6773 says:

    WOW wow WOW

    LOVE these new stamps, especially Sparkle & Shine – they are my new MUST-HAVE!!!
    SUPER CUTE cards, they are all a DELIGHT, especially Nicole’s & Melissa’s -THANK YOU for the FABULOUS inspiration EVERYONE!!!

    THANK YOU for the chance to win too some CRAFTY AWESOMENESS too ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. Kathy says:

    Loved what Nicole did with the hippo, he’s so cute!

  48. Wendy Elliot says:

    Seriously you want us to pick!? I would have to narrow it down to two, Charlene and Laura.

  49. Jessica Vold says:

    I loved Misty’s projects! It was nice to see something that wasn’t a card ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Cristine Redmond says:

    Chrissy and Annette’s cards are fabulous and Misty’s party hat is adorbs!

  51. Kristina M says:

    I love how Misty Buck did something just a little different for her projects.

  52. Thanh Vo says:

    Oh c’mon, Nicole!!! You’re telling me just to pick out a few favourites?! This whole release is amazing. I’m SO excited for you guys on the success of this release! Hello, sold out before release day?! LOL. Congrats! I’m so glad that I got in before they were sold out! I’m also excited that Emily could be part of this amazing release with a designer role.

    • Thanh Vo says:

      If you insist on me naming names:
      * I totally GET Nicole’s humour – the Sir Mixalot song came into my head
      * Charlene’s use of patterns is fab
      * Samantha’s circle card – I want to buy it for my Valentine!
      * Tyra’s sparkle card is so simple yet says so much!
      * Lindsay’s spraying and watercolours – right on trend!
      * Melissa’s cards… fab use of white space!
      * Chrissy’s panda and bling card, oh heck ya!
      * Dannielle’s use of sequins – yum!
      * Laura’s card just makes me giggle. Dance, dance, dance!
      * Amy’s card. Simply lovely… and she’s a friend, lol! ๐Ÿ˜‰
      * Latisha’s bow adds so much to the softness of her baby card!
      * JJ’s use of white space is also fantastic.
      * Misty’s 3d projects!! Need I say more… 3d projects rock!

      Oh… I ended up naming ALL of them, lol! See, told you I loved this release. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  53. Kristi says:

    Great Projects! Misty Bucks projects stood out! But they were all FAB!

  54. Jennifer L. says:

    I have to say, JJ Bolton’s creations really made me go “ooo, *I* could do that!”

  55. SOOO hard to choose! But LOVE what Misty Buck made with her framed piece – and Amy Tsuruta’s hippo is DARLING!!!!! Nicole Gavaldon’s projects are darling too! I better stop or I will list EVERYONE!!!

  56. Isabelle says:

    Great release.! Charlene Bopp made my favorite cards!

  57. Joan says:

    These cards are all super cute, but Charlene’s hippo with glasses is “just it” for me.

  58. Nitasha G. says:

    First off, ALL of the designers did a FABULOUS job! All of these sweet cards made me smile! ONE of the designers that really made me smile was Nicole Gavaldonโ€ฆlove that card “Honey do these thorns make my butt look big” LMBO! Too cute!!!

  59. Kelly Flaherty says:

    Misty’s creations are fabulous!

  60. Super cute cards. But my favorite was Annette Witherspoons “Announcing” card. What a great idea. Great job Annette and thanks for inspiring me.

  61. Lindsey L says:

    What a fabulous release! LOVE the DT and guests’ cards.

  62. Dawnmercedes says:

    ooh! I love Annette’s sequins in a bowl. I guess b/c I’m such a foodie…and who doesn’t like fun bling! lol Way go show off the product!!

  63. Janice says:

    Love all the inspiration!

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