Basic Photo Editing for Your Card Photos Using PicMonkey

Hi, Sweet Things!  It’s Melissa here and I’m back with another installment of Picture Perfect!  I hope you’ve had success playing a little more with your photos since I checked in last!  Isn’t it fun?!  Last time, we explored the following things when editing your card photos using Photoshop Elements:

  • Cropping
  • White Balance
  • Shadows
  • Brightness
  • Clarity/Sharpness

Let’s take a look at editing these things using PicMonkey!  This site is fantastic and offers so many free editing options!

First, go ahead and open the image you’d like to edit by clicking on Edit and then Computer (I’m assuming you have your image saved on your computer.).  Here is the image I’m starting with today:

2014 Feb24 OriginalPicPhotoMonkey


Click on Crop in the left hand menu bar (the scissors image at the top of the list).  Crop your image as you’d like and then click Apply.

White Balance

2014 Feb24 CroppedBlueImage

You’ve probably noticed that my image does not have that nice, warm lighting to it that we’ve been aiming for in this series!  It has a bit of a blue tint to it, so let’s fix that next!

Click on the Colors option in the menu bar.  Now you have two options.  You can either click Auto Adjust or the Neutral Picker.  Either will work.  If using the Neutral Picker, simply click on it and then use the little eyedropper tool it gives you and click on and area of your image that should be white or grey.  I usually select a white area if it’s available.  Once the coloring of your photo seems satisfactory, click Apply.

Shadows & Brightness

Both of these things are adjusted with the same menu option, so I’m combining them.  Go ahead and click on the Exposure option in the menu bar.  You’ll see a list of things you can adjust.  I usually click on the Auto Adjust and then tweak the photo with the slider bars for each component of the edit.  Once you have adjusted your photo as you’d like, go ahead and click Apply.

2014 Feb24 ShadowsBrightness


Now for our final edit!  Click on Sharpen in the menu bar.  Adjust the sliders for sharpening and clarity to your liking and then click Apply.  You’re done!

2014 Feb24 SharpenImage

See how easy it is to use PicMonkey?!  Like I said, don’t be afraid to play and explore all it has to offer!  It just takes a little practice to figure out what works for you while editing your photos.  For me, it’s all fun!

Here is my finished photo using PicMonkey for today’s lesson:

2014 Feb24 Final

I used Sparkle and Shine as well as Elegant Sentiments to create this card.  These sets are so fun to play with!  I love that you can make all those jewels and sequins any color you desire!

Image 1

I hope you’ve learned a few things and have discovered some tips that have improved your photos!  I’ve enjoyed sharing these tips and tricks with you and I’m planning to return with more photo tips in the weeks ahead!

That’s where you come in!  If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how to do something with your photos, please leave me a comment here on the blog!  I’d love to hear what things you’ve always wanted to know!  I may just be able to help you out in the weeks ahead, but I’d love some input as to what you’d be interested in learning more about!  I already have some ideas brewing, but I’m open to suggestions!

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Have a marvelous Monday!


7 Responses to Basic Photo Editing for Your Card Photos Using PicMonkey

  1. Susanne V. says:

    Hi Melissa, I am looking for a simple way to add a watermark to my photos. iPhoto doesn’t do that (well there is a complicated way…) When I googled watermarks I saw something about PicMonkey and was looking forward to the tutorial today. When I went over there and tried to edit a photo I was told that my browser was too vintage (Safari 5) and they didn’t support it. Bummer! Do you have an easy way to add watermark (that may be an idea for a tutorial…)? Thank you so much!

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Susanne! You’ve been reading my mind! Watermarking photos is my very next post for this series!!! 🙂 Do you have Photoshop Elements? That’s a bummer about PicMonkey! Let me know what you have at your fingertips for editing capabilities and I’ll see what I can figure out for you!

      • Susanne V. says:

        No, I don’t have Photoshop Element. I use iPhoto and so far it’s been ok for my editing purposes. But sadly they lack an easy watermark feature… And as I said my browser is Safari 5 which is apparently too old… Thank you already for your help.

  2. Judy1223 says:

    Hi Melissa! Great post again today…and an amazing card, too!

    I really like PicMonkey and figured out a really easy way to make a watermark to add using PicMonkey without having access to Photoshop Elements. (I designed it in Power Point, saved it as a .jpeg, then cropped it down to size and add it as a watermark in PicMonkey, darkening the background so it seems “clear” against the card picture.) I loved the cards at your blog, too…great CAS designs!

  3. Melissa, your card is so pretty! Love the one layer goodness and gorgeous colors!
    Gotta love PicMonkey!

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