Deck the Halls

Nicole here! 
Can you believe that Christmas is peeking around the corner? 
I’ll tell you a little secret – I don’t make hand made Christmas cards. 
Nope, every year my husband and I have been married (and the year we were engaged) I’ve sent out picture cards. It’s been an awesome tradition and this year will make 6 picture cards – so I plan to have the first 6 framed. I hope to do this tradition year after year. 
AND, wanna know the best part – I’m not making 50+ Christmas cards by hand. Fact is, I’d hate it. I’d make 3 or 4 and then – it would seem like this huge chore – and the cards would get increasingly sloppy as I ‘just wanted to be done’ — and it’s just not how I want to spend my crafty Christmas time. Ya know? 
To be honest – it took me a lot of years to not have the ‘home made’ card guilt. I always worry that people think they didn’t get something homemade from me because I don’t love them. But, that’s all in my own head – people are happy to get anything sent to them. Home made or not, it’s the thought that counts! 
I still make a couple Christmas cards – but, I usually box them up for my grandma to send out – that way she get’s the joy of getting my home made cards AND she gets to send them off to her friends. Best of both worlds – dontcha think? 
Here is a Christmas card I made with the ‘Sweet Alpha Doodles’ and the ‘Holiday Sentiments’ sets – I really like how it turned out! 
What’s your Christmas card tradition? Do you feel the home made guilt? 
I say – deck those halls … and craft what makes YOU feel good! The rest is gravy! 
Happy Holiday Season! 

6 Responses to Deck the Halls

  1. Love the Alpha Doodle Ornaments…lots!

  2. that is amazing!!!!!!!! what an ingenius way to make the ornaments! 🙂
    and what a wonderful idea – to have your grandma send out some of your homemade cards!!!
    love it!

  3. Mistylynn says:

    Ummm, hello, that is completely genius. LOVE IT

  4. Chelsea says:

    Thank you for posting this. I totally have the same guilt, and so often I just don’t get around to sending out Christmas cards at all. This year I took the plunge and bought some unique(ish) premade ones. I feel guilty, but less guilty than I feel about not sending anything at all. I’ll made a few, but like you, just for fun.

  5. Your world is filled with closet friends just like you! Me too! Cute card!

  6. Dorina D says:

    Some years I make cards and other years I don’t. But I’ve continued my mother’s tradition of sending a Christmas Letter with (sometimes instead of) a card. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years and last year, I copied all the letters and created handbound Newsletter books for family members. It was a big hit! So fun to read about us and the grandkids growing up as well as see mother’s handwriting on her first letters.

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