Twine Storage

Hooray! I think I’ve got a 
great way to store 
Timeless Twine is Sweet Stamp Shop’s
GO-TO twine… they come in the perfect 160yd
spools… which is just enough to have LOTS but, 
not so much that you think, What the heck am I 
ever going to do with all this twine?!?
The storage solution I came up with is 
great for the home crafter and *perfect* for 
craft teachers… check out how I store 
my collection of TImeless Twine! 
I went to ikea and bought the silver cylinders 
that are originally meant for kitchen utensils. 
They were $2.99 each
I fit FOUR spools of twine in each! Perfectly!
The twine comes out of the holes and you 
can pull out however much you need with 
total ease! 
I typed out and printed the colors from my computer and
backed the labels with magnets… 
Magnets? You ask.. why not just use your nifty label 
maker? … Here is why… 
I like to take only certain colors for teaching classes
or to a crop… b/c I magnetized them… I can switch around
the spools and take whatever mixture I want! 
Timeless Twine has 15 different colors on spools… 
but, I have it on good authority more colors are coming! 
So, I was sure to buy a couple extra cylinders! 
Love this storage!
Do you have any storage solutions that are 
*sweet* genius?!?!
Please share!! 
I love organizing *almost* as much as I love 
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9 Responses to Twine Storage

  1. This looks great! I haven’t been to Ikea in awhile. Might be worth a trip!

  2. Chrystina says:

    Oh my goodness, this is genius. I wonder if it works for ribbon as well…

  3. Judy1223 says:

    GREAT storage idea…co clever!

  4. Tenia Nelson says:

    I just love this awesome idea!!!!

  5. Squirlygirl says:

    Great idea Nicole. I can’t wait for my trip to Chicago to go to ikea. I’ve seen so many great ideas with storage stuff from there lately!

  6. This is excellent idea
    wish i would have thought of I use
    parmesean Cheese Glass container and 1 spool fits in each
    and can pull out as you like and see the colors
    thanks for sharing

  7. missstamper says:

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

    I can hardly wait to stamp with the Perfect Match set I ordered!

    missstamper (at)

  8. Dawn says:

    Love the idea. I want to try with ribbon. Have been trying to find a solution to lots of ribbon and not a lot of space. Magnetic tags also great idea. Someone showed this to me. I will be passing on to my scrappy friends. Will be back to visit blog more often. 🙂

  9. Lady Bright says:

    Great idea, and I love the magnets for the labels — wonderfully cost effective and travel concious!

    COming back to see what else you dream up to share!!

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