Yeah, actually there isn’t too much 
special about this Monday… but, 
I notice when you add O-Rama to 
something it just makes it sound more fun! 
So today is Monday-O-Rama! 
And kicking off our little Monday 
inspiration parade is Savannah… 
She made this fun card using 
Old School Rock
I love how it looks like the tape is coming
out of the cassette. Lol. I remember spending a 
good portion of my youth winding up cassettes! 
We love this set! 
Be sure to stop by Savannah’s blog 
and say hello! I know she *loves* visitors! 
Ohhh, I have another little bonus 
card to show you from Emily!
It’s just so darn cute I can’t stand it! 
She glittered up some ‘Spectacles’! 
And came up with this gem! 

I really like that this card could 
be used for a boy… it’s perfect! 
Emily, she out does herself every time! 
Check out her blog and say hello!
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It’s worth the peek! 
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the shop website?? Check it out too!
Hope you had a fantastic 
Happy Crafting 
(see you tomorrow!) 

2 Responses to Monday-O-Rama!

  1. Virginia L. says:

    I love the way Savannah showcasing these new stamps! They look like a ton of fun to play! Love them both! That “cassette tape” is DARLING!!

  2. Ruby says:

    Love your ‘Monday-O-Rama’!! Such a fun way to liven up Mondays! Love the showcased cards too, fab inspiration!

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