CHA give-a-way Day 2

Happiest Friday to you! 
We’re back for another day 
and another give-a-way… 
Are you ready to hear the winner
of this little pile of ‘sweet’??
The randomly selected winner
Blogger Sabr said…

Anything nature inspired always tickles my fancy! Leaves, rainbows, birdies oh my!!
February 2, 2012 3:51 PM


Yippee, Congrats! 
Send us your shipping info
and we’ll get that right out to you! 
If you didn’t win or have a 
chance to enter… it’s ok!
We’ve got another give-a-way today!
Ok. So. How’d you like to win some 
of THESE???
That’s right… two of the *new* alcohol based
TOUCH markers! AND some ‘sweet’ stamps! 
You’re going to want to enter… trust me! 
Here’s how: 
Comment below and answer these questions…
Sitting in front of you is three of the same stamp 
you’ve decided that you *can’t* live without. 
One is clear polymer… one is red rubber with 
ez-mount… and one is wood mounted red rubber. 
Which would you buy?
Would price matter? 
Just like yesterday…
If you share our 4-day blog 
give-a-way with your friends on 
a social networking site (like perhaps
one that rhymes with lacehook or glitter) 
and let us know you did … you get 
and extra entry! 
Each day we’ll pull a name… so 
you have until tomorrow morning to 
enter and share for this! 
Come back tomorrow to see 
who won this loot … and enter 
in for tomorrows loot! 

Find us on 
Facebook— and 
Come back tomorrow 
morning to see the winner and 
to enter in the new give-a-way! 
Friday Crafting Hugs!

79 Responses to CHA give-a-way Day 2

  1. howo34 says:

    I would probably get the clear one 1st then get the other ones later.

  2. howo34 says:

    I shared on facebook!

  3. by belle says:

    Red rubber with ez mount is what I would choose. Price would matter…

  4. Julie S. says:

    Red Rubber Easy Mount . And yes , price always comes into play. Thanks for a chance to win.

  5. Annette says:

    congrats to yesterday winner…what a fabulous giveaway…I am feeling lucky today…

    I would buy Clear Polymer…yes price does matter…I will share on Facebook…thanks again..fingers crossed.

  6. Lizscraps says:

    red rubber ez mount, price matters BUT if really love it and it’s just what want/need any version will do.


  7. I prefer the clear stamps as I can see where I’m stamping and like that a lot. I think price does matter a lot these days in what I choose to purchase. Thanks for the little give aways!

  8. I’d select the red rubber with ez-mount. Yes, price would matter, especially if I was mail ordering and had to pay shipping.

  9. Definitely the clear. I started stamping with clear and really haven’t tried the other options. Unless there weren’t any other options for a particular image I wanted, it would definitely be clear. The fact that it’s cheaper is a huge plus, but the fact that I can’t see through the other two is more important.

  10. glowegal says:

    Clear Polymer, price matters. I try to never pay more than $15/$16 for a standard sized stamp set.

  11. glowegal says:

    Shared with the glitter and face place. 🙂

  12. Anonymous says:

    Amy Jones said: I would probably get the clear one first but the price would matter to me and help in making my decision. Being a mother of 2, I dont get to spend too much on myself.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Amy Jones said: I shared on FB.

  14. I would choose clear. I love how easy they are to store, and it’s nice that they just so happen to be the cheapest option too!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. Chelsea R says:

    I like clear polymer since it allows me to see exactly where I am stamping. river26[at]gmail[dot]com

  16. I’d choose the red rubber ez-mount 1 st. Price does matter but as long as it is reasonable I would buy it.

  17. Chelsea R says:

    I shared on twitter

  18. Ruby Taylor says:

    I would have to choose clear first! Shared!

  19. Wyknotwyme says:

    clear polymer…Price ALWAYS matters

    Thanks for the fabulous chance to win

    ~Rita WM

  20. Nancy L. says:

    i would def go for the clear one.

  21. Lmaisch says:

    Clear. and price is 1st factor, well second or third at least. Thanks for a chance to win. I shared.

  22. mommyx2 says:

    I would choose red rubber easy mount and price definitely matters. If it was more than my budget I might choose the least expensive option and buy it!!!

  23. I like both types, but clear is a little better because you can see exactly where you are stamping. Of course price matters. Thanks for the chance to win. I would love to try these new markers!

  24. laura says:

    since I have just started to collect stamps I have been buying the clear. I love that I can see exactly were they are going, great for the letter stamps.

  25. Oops! Oh yeah, I shared on Facebook.

  26. Michelle P. says:

    Clear all the way! Easier to store (and hide just how many stamps I have from my husband . . . evil laugh) 🙂

  27. Erin says:

    Red rubber ez mount and price and shipping always matter but mostly it’s the design/style that sells me.

  28. MomCleo says:

    I would pick the clear one as I can see where I am stamping, those are the ones that I learned with and even though I have some of the others, I still prefer the clear ones.

  29. Clare says:

    Clear one – I love my clear stamps! Price….hm….as long as I had enough money in the ‘piggy bank’ to afford it, no! 😉

  30. I would want the clear one and if I really wanted it money wouldn’t matter of course I’d find a coupon. I will post on FB and my blog, CardsbyRosalind@blogspot

  31. Rochelle says:

    If I had to have it, price wouldn’t matter BUT…i won’t go over $25.00 for ANY stamps. It would have to be photopolymer with EZ Mount red rubber following closely behind!

  32. Jingle says:

    As long as it is wicked high quality polymer, I’d probably go with that one. Although, the EZ Mount rubber would follow closely. No wood, though…

  33. Price does matter, stamping can be a very expensive hobby! I like the wood mounted stamps best, what can I say, I’m old school!

  34. Jessie G. says:

    I would most likely purchase the clear stamps. However, price does matter. So then I would probably go for the cheapest.

  35. Jessie G. says:

    I shared on Facebook!

  36. Most def clear stamps! And usually clear stamps are cheaper, so that’s always a plus too! 🙂

  37. Deirdre says:

    It would be clear, because you can see where you are positioning it! Makes it easier!

    Off to share on FB. Thanks for the chance to win.

  38. Isha says:

    I would go for clear…Yes!!! price does matter.
    Love this gift as I love coloring and dont own any of your sweet stamp yet:)

  39. Megs says:

    clear polymer, but then $ is definitely a consideration sometimes. Clear mount is just easier to work with & store in my opinion 🙂 Thanks for this!!

    Meg K.

  40. Scrapping4Me says:

    I would go with the clear. I am not a master at stamping yet & I find that the clear are easier for me to work with. Price does factor into it but if it is stamp that I really love ~ I will go with clear even if it is a little more. Thank you for the chance to win!

  41. Scrapping4Me says:

    Shared on Facebook too 🙂

  42. Squirlygirl says:

    Hmmm, tough question! Since $ is not usually a consideration unless the price is just ridiculous I might be torn between clear polymer or red rubber. I like the ease of placement with polymer and I like the crispness of rubber. I wouldn’t go for the wood block just because storage is so much easier with the other two options. I know that wasn’t very helpful, lol. Thanks for the chance to win again 🙂

  43. NWFlamingo says:

    Red rubber with ez mount. Of course price matters. So does space.

  44. Kristina says:

    I would choose red rubber easy mount – purely for storage issues! 😉 The lower price point (usually) on these helps too. Thanks for the chance to win.

  45. Cheryl says:

    Clear Stamps as it is sooo easy to restamp if I goof and do not ink all the way 🙂
    Shared on fb and Twitter Glitter 🙂

  46. Judy1223 says:

    I would choose the clear stamp…love being able to see where I am stamping my images! Price would have to be affordable and comparable to other stamps.

  47. JMCPhillips says:

    I prefer clear polymer for ease of placement and storage, but if it was an image that I “had” to have, cling rubber and wood mounted are great too! I shared on FB!

  48. I’d choose the clear one. Yes price would probably be a factor. Wish it didn’t have to be but such is life. Thanks for a chance to win.

  49. Clear for me…love being able to see where I’m stamping with no doubt…thank you for the chance to win!

  50. I would prefer The Clear Polymar, and price would matter depending on what the stamp was or how cute.

    I posted on facebook and twitter

    Thanks for the chance to win

  51. jazy1m says:

    Clear mount for me…… as I am running out of space. Thanks for sharing. It is greatly appreciated. Will be sharing on Face book

  52. Stephanie U says:

    As a novice stamper, clear stamps are less intimidating for me because they are easier to line up. Plus, normally they are cheaper. So, I would go clear.

  53. Would go with the clear polymer for ease of storage. I also like red rubber though. Pricing matters tremendously since hubby gave me a budget as of Jan 1. ;o)

  54. sandyh50 says:

    I would go clear because of seeing through them and easy storage!

  55. sandyh50 says:

    I shared on FB and price does matter to me!

  56. Price, storage and ease-of-use are big in my book. I do prefer clear photopolymer stamps =)

  57. Rubber EZ Mount…I love the quality of stamped image with rubber and how you can still perfectly align the image like a clear one. It’s the best of both worlds. Price only matters when my budget is tight…which is often.

  58. Tracy says:

    I would choose the clear polymer first and yes, price does matter : )

  59. Madeleen says:

    Clear polymer first as they’re easy to use and stamp with – yes, price does matter! Have shared on FB too!

  60. Michelle says:

    Red rubber with EZ Mount for my first choice, and yes price does matter.

  61. Tanya says:

    Clear for me. I like that I can see where I am stamping, and for me they are easier to store. 🙂

  62. Sabr says:

    Thank you so much! I am so grateful to be yesterday’s winner!! Clear stamps will always be my fave for storage and ease of positioning. They usually cost less as well so that’s a plus.

  63. Clear or red rubber stamps mounted please, these will be my choice. Price is always always a factor and shipping too!

  64. Suzy says:

    TGIF !! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  65. OMG…. this would be a hard one. if it was MUST have and i was to use it ALL the time i would always buy the wood mount rubber but price is ALWAYS an issue for me so if the wood mount was twice the price of rubber or clear i would buy the rubber with ezmount, as much as i love the clear for storage reasons i find sometimes it is a little hit and miss with the quality of clear and some brands of clears….dont worry not sweep shop!….. are not so great!
    and i will share you on facebook too!!!!

  66. HOOOOOOOORAY for the new markers–you have to give me all the details on them and if you liked them!!!! <3

  67. Natalie says:

    Price does matter, but I think I would go with the red EZ mount for my first pick with clear in a very close second.

  68. Debc06 says:

    Red Rubber with EZMount would be first. Yes price would matter.

  69. Chrystina says:

    I would buy the wood mounted red rubber one. Price would matter to a certain extent, but I don’t have any experience with the other two types of stamps so I would be nervous that I wouldn’t be able to use them as well.

  70. Cristine says:

    I would go for the polymer stamp. I like clear stamps better because I can see exactly where I am putting them. Price wouldn’t be an issue, either.

  71. Piali says:

    I would go for clear polymer!!!!If I really like the stamp set then price is no issue….for me shipping cost do matter a lot!
    Thanks fr the chance to win!!

  72. I love clear stamps but for stamping clarity I really prefer red rubber on EZ mount if there is a picture of the stamped image on the EZ mount. 🙂 I like a good deal so if the price was right on one vs. the other, I would pick the lower priced stamp. Thanks for the chance to win!

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