Core Of It – Wednesday!

Howdy Partners! 
Wednesday is here… and I couldn’t be happier! 
We’re chuggin’ along right through till the end of the 
week! And then finally, the weekend!!
Hope everyone is doing well…
I have a couple cards to show you and hopefully 
spark your creative wheels! 
Oh, I love using the ‘Core of it’ … it’s so versatile! 
I haven’t used Melvin in a while… 
and here is a really simple 
layered card featuring the fluffy 
little guy! 
I plan on using this set in the coming 
week for a really cute idea… stay tuned! 
(if you like Twilight…your going to *love* this 
Of course I did a little something with 
Furry Friends Forever too! 
I really like using a variety of browns! 
It makes for a fun and unique card color 
combo! Give it a try… it’s especially fun to 
do with these little furry friends…
Don’t forget to visit us and say hi!

Have a great day!!
Happy Day! 

3 Responses to Core Of It – Wednesday!

  1. these are great! love your style, Nicole!

  2. Lalo says:

    GREAT colors on those awesome cards…they show off the stamps sooo well!!

  3. OHHHHHH! I love love love these cards—LOVE that apple card! Great papers and fab pleated ribbon! LOOOOOVE that second card–that layered paper and ribbon on the bottoms is sooooo cute! My favvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv card is that last one –OH MY! I love the papers and I LOVE the diag with the furry friends–oh oh oh! LOVE:) You rock!

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