Hello there! We’re dusting off this ol’ blog and going to be bringing you content on here again. We did a survey a few months ago in our Sweet Fan Club (you’re in all the know there so come on in and join us!) to check in with you on what you wanted to see and we’re pleased that we’ll be bringing you a few different collaborations this coming Fall.


One of the things our Sweet Fans told us was that they’re always looking for organization solutions. Our good friends from Crafts By Two introduced us to Totally Tiffany and it was a complete match! Our planner guru, Courtney Miles, will explain to you how this system is working out for her.

Totally Tiffany Sweet Stamp Shop Collab Courtney 3 (2)

Courtney says:

I’m sharing how I’m using my new Totally Tiffany Die, Stamp & Supply Organizer and the 5 Drawer Supply Case. If you’re like me, you are always searching for new and better ways to store your crafting supplies! It’s a constant struggle to find what works best and it seems there really aren’t that many options available. I’m happy to say that I think I’ve found my craft storage peace! Totally Tiffany offers a wide array of different storage options for everyone, from the avid card maker – with their die, stamp and ink organizers, to the planner girl – with their washi tape organizer and for everyone in between.


Totally Tiffany Sweet stamp Shop Collab Courtney 3

Totally Tiffany Sweet Stamp Shop Collab Courtney 2

Courtney continues:

I want to start off by saying that this organizer is built well! It isn’t flimsy in the least and looks very finished and can easily be put on your desk, in a storage closest or even within a deep desk drawer. It comes with 3 stadium levels of organization and has 6 moveable dividers for you to create an organizational system that works best for you. Before I began loading the organizer with all my Sweet Stamp Shop goodies, I first needed to decide where exactly I wanted to put it. One of the few things that does work for me in my craft space is my craft cart (similar to a Raskog cart from IKEA) that I bought from Target about a year ago. With that in mind, I decided to see if the Totally Tiffany Die, Stamp and Supply organizer could fit within the top tray of the cart….and it fit PERFECTLY!

Totally Tiffany Sweet Stamp Shop Collab Courtney 2

She loaded the organizer with some items that are always in constant use:

  • tape runner
  • Sweet Stamp Shop acrylic blocks
  • Sweet Stamp Shop Sticky Sweet sticker sheets
  • storage envelopes
  • white post-it notes for masking
  • thin Sweet Stamp Shop washi tapes
  • a notebook for trying out stamps and playing with new techniques and her favorite erasers
  • Sweet Stamp Shop stamps (of course!)

Totally Tiffany Sweet Stamp Shop Collab Courtney 8

In addition to the Supply Organizer, Courtney also received the 5 Drawer Supply Case which she is using for her Sweet washi. If you already follow her, you’ll know that Courtney has some mad love for washi tape! She’s always wanted something portable and easy to store in her craft space.

Totally Tiffany Sweet Stamp Shop Collab Courtney 4 Washi

About the Supply Case, she says:

[The case] is built well and the 5 drawers each have dividers within them to keep your washi (or ribbon — or any other supplies) neat and organized within the drawer. Each drawer holds about 30 washi tape rolls (6 rolls per divided section – 5 sections per drawer) for a total of 150 washi rolls! The handle on the top of the case is key because I’m constantly taking it out from under my desk and putting it on my desk while I’m deciding on which washi I want to use for a given project and then I can easily pick it up and store it back under my desk afterwards.

Totally Tiffany Sweet Stamp Shop Collab Courtney 6 Washi

If you’re looking for other storage solutions or would like to get more organized, go and check out the current Totally Tiffany “Getting Organized Challenge” that starts TODAY. Click on over to THIS LINK to learn more about getting and STAYING organized.

Thanks for joining us on the blog today and we’ll be back soon with more inspiration for you! In the meantime, you can always check our our Instagram for more.

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Hello Sweets! We hope you had a fantastic Easter long weekend and got to enjoy the time off or some time with family/friends. We have an extra Spotlight for you today; we’ve been shining the spotlight and featuring all of our latest contributors, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t feature a special lady who works for Sweet. Jennie McGarvey has been our Social Media Manager for the past 2+ years and while she’s mostly ‘behind the scenes,’ the impact she’s made on the Sweet community is phenomenal.


Jennie McGarvey

Jennie McGarvey [ IG | YT ]

If you’ve ever wondered who the person behind responding to most of your inquiries on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, it’s most likely Jennie! If you have ever tagged us or created a project and used the hashtag #sweetstampshop, Jennie will find you and make sure that your project gets the love and acknowledgment that it deserves. She’s really that darn good because social media is totally her jam!

If you follow Jennie on Insta, you’ll see a common theme in her Story feed – she’s usually in her car waiting for one of her boys (or maybe all three) to be finished some kind of sports practice, game or school event. Jennie and her husband are originally from Iowa, but her family currently resides in Southern California.

Jennie started off as a scrapbooker, turned planner and now she has merged both when she memory plans in her Happy Planner®. Her You Tube channel is full of authentic Plan with Me videos and you can watch how she plans her weeks in her different sizes of Happy Planners®.

Here are just a few of Jennie’s fabulous layouts using Sweet swag:

18013007_10211509904399669_2083547169_o (1) 18015701_10211516315999955_329292575_o 18015735_10211516322600120_1031243044_o

For those you who are looking for inspiration with stamping in your planner, Jennie is your go-to gal! To see different ways to use Sweet and to connect with other Sweet fans, check out all the happenings in our Facebook Fan Club. Thanks so much for dropping by today and we hope that you have a great week.

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Have you been keeping an eye on our Facebook page and Instagram? We’ve been peeking our New Release (that is happening tomorrow)! So you’ll want to check out what’s coming to Sweet.

Today wraps up our series of featuring the deets on our all our Sweets. We hope you’ve been enjoying the series this far and getting to know all the contributors who bring you inspiration and creative projects! Sweet’s success comes from having fans like you – and when we have fans who  create amazing projects and continuously share their genuine love of Sweet, they are perfect candidates to become contributors themselves. Our sweetest fans are always welcome to drop us a line at admin [at] sweetstampshop.com. Sweet has always been about authentic and thoughtful branding and when you design with stuff that you love, that’s where all the magic happens.


If you’ve missed out on reading the previous designers we featured, you can read all about them here:

  1. Liz Ho
  2. Kymona Tracey
  3. Samantha Mann
  4. Angeline Choo
  5. Michelle Whitlow
  6. Nita Patterson
  7. Nicole Patterson
  8. Sharon Ramirez

Sparkle Smith

Sparkle Smith [ IG | YT ]

Our contributor today always starts her own bios in a similar fashion – yes, her real name is Sparkle. She’s half Hmong and half Chinese and her ethnic name means shiny light, thus translating to sparkle in English. She was born and raised in the Portland area and is a proud graduate of Oregon State University. After living in Denver and Seattle, she moved back to her old stomping grounds in a suburb of Portland. We feel the hashtag of #PNWforlife would be fitting for Sparkle. She resides there with her husband and her son.

While Sparkle has been crafty all her life, she started crafting seriously when she was sixteen years old. She started off as a scrapbooker, turned cardmaker and now she’s evolved into a #plannerbabe! She’s well known in the planner community for her bright and well-colored page layouts. We’ve been fortunate to feature Sparkle’s love of rainbow colored pages using her — wait for it – favorite planner: The Happy Planner.

Speaking of rainbows, here are some of our favorites from Sparkle:

14115676_10155150779577166_8419069210698706917_o 16387320_10102508065214198_1842764918359644658_n17190559_10102565197595448_2474702335080612508_n

 Thanks so much for stopping by today. To stay current on all things Sweet, make sure you check out the Sweet Fan Club group.

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Wahooo — time for another #washiwednesday! Kymona is going to show you how to use a shape die and make a sweet card featuring Sweet washi. It’s so super easy and we hope that this will inspire you to use all your washi, too.


In case you missed them, here are the other fun #washiwednesday projects other team members have created for our blog series:

  1. Washi Tape Bows – Samantha
  2. Fun Fiesta Card – Angeline
  3. Washi Cactus Card – Nita
  4. Planner Layout – Michelle

KT Life is Sweet Washi Die Cutting

Here all the supplies Kymona used:

Sweet Stamp Shop Life is Sweet Stamp Set
Sweet Stamp Shop Sugar Pop Washi Tape
Kraft Cardstock
Foam Tape
Black Ink
Heart die cut in varies sizes

Kymona says that creating the card base is pretty simple:

  1. Cut the cardstock to 3.5 x 11, scored at 5.50.
  2. Use a medium heart die cut as a place holder so you know where to stamp your sentiment.
  3. Stamp the sentiment using Sweet Stamp Shop Life is Sweet on the card front using black ink.
  4.  Now its time to create the washi tape heart.

Here’s how to create a washi tape heart:

1. Gather all of the supplies you will need to create the washi tape heart.

KT Preping to add washi tape

2. Cover a piece of heavy card stock with washi tape from edge to edge.
KT Adding Washi Tape

3. Do not leave a gap between each piece of washi tape placed down.
KT Washi Tape Added on the panel

4. Make sure you have enough washi tape coverage.
KT Making sure the washi tape covered enough

5. Cut off the excess washi tape before running it through your cutting machine.
KT Cutting off the excess washi tape

6. Run the heart die over the washi tape covered cardstock through a cutting machine. Depending on the cardstock thickness, run it twice, so that the die cuts through totally.
KT Die Cutting the washi tape

7. Perfect washi die cut
KT Die cut washi heart

8. Add the heart shape to the card front using foam tape.
9. Use the negative to die cut smaller heart shapes to use inside your card.
KT Die cutting extra hearts

10. Super cute small die cut hearts, ready for placement.KT Small heart die cuts

11.  Adhere the smaller hearts to the inside right hand corner of the card using foam tape as well.
KT Small Hearts inside the card

Kymona asks:

Nice and simple! What do you think?  Would you create washi tape shapes for your projects? I would love to hear from you, let me know what you think below.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to check out Sweet Stamp Shop Instagram and Facebook page for tons more inspirations and projects ideas !If you want to know more about Kymona,  her style is clean, simple and easy to follow. Find more about heron here blog HERE.

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We’re continuing on with another Spotlight on one of our contributors, but first, we must ask: did you add to your collection from last week’s mini NEW RELEASE? Our Baby Plans and Tax Day are perfect for the season.


If you’ve missed out on reading the previous designers we featured, you can read all about them here:

  1. Liz Ho
  2. Kymona Tracey
  3. Samantha Mann
  4. Angeline Choo
  5. Michelle Whitlow
  6. Nita Patterson
  7. Nicole Patterson

Sharon Ramirez

Sharon Ramirez [ IG ]

Our next contributor is Southern California born and raised. While Sharon is a newlywed, she has been together with her husband since 2004. They have a fur baby that is a three year old French bulldog named Milhouse (so cute)!

Sharon brings us a very popular style of planning that is on point right now. She describes it as:

My style of planning is more functional, with a dash of whimsy here and there. I’m currently bullet journaling using inserts in a traveler’s notebook cover, and it gives me so much joy making bullet journal spreads and dashboards.

We’ve been cheering her on as she completes her 18 before 2018 list (see below). She’s been working hard on her list of goals and accomplishments this year and she’s got them tracked so beautifully in her traveler’s notebook.

Sharon’s favorite  Sweet Stamp Shop set is Cherry Lucky. You’ll see she uses the set quite frequently in her planners. Cherry blossoms and kokeshi dolls are two of her favorite things, so to have them both in one set is a match made in heaven!

16003146_10155807801233228_6266837157335242885_n17458081_10156089151973228_5557430964194063696_n 16406978_10155881659058228_4648229874857637300_n

To see more inspiration by Sharon and our other contributors, make sure you check out the Sweet Instagram. We’ll see you on Wednesday with another #washiwednesday post.

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